Zombie Guard Coalition

The Zombie Guard Coalition is the headquarters element of the International Zombie Guards. We believe that surviving the zombie apocalypse will require preparedness and organization. We must not wait until the first outbreak to come together. It is our mission to organize and train members to become proficient in the skills needed to combat the undead.

Think of us as the National Guard for the impending zombie apocalypse, citizen soldiers trained to engage and destroy the living dead. We take our responsibility serious and train to be proficient in all types of zombie combat. Anything from a hammer to an M-16 can be used as an effective tool to make the dead dead again (although many of us prefer the golf club).

Our training doctrine is modeled from the Armed Forces. Many of our members have come from a military background and are comfortable with the structured environment such an institution provides. Although we are all volunteers we must insist on a recognized chain-of-command to ensure our mission is conducted in an efficient manner.

As we prepare to fend off zombies and survive the apocalypse we will develop critical skills that will allow us assist our fellow citizens during any disaster. We are here to help our communities whenever needed (even if the Zombie Apocalypse hasn't occurred yet).

Please contact us for more information on joining a unit near you. We are currently organizing groups in every state and we are looking for civic minded individuals to fill our ranks. There is a place for everybody in the ZGC and we are confident you will be surprised at how fun preparing for the zombie apocalypse can be.

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